Bucket List | Around the Globe

With the new year creeping up, I get in this mood to start thinking of all the things I want to do! At this point in my life, and with the wedding over, traveling takes up the biggest portion of my ambitions. Going places, seeing new things, experiencing out-of-the-ordinary activities. It’s a time-consuming and expensive wish, but one that with the right planning and proactive saving, is possible.

Here are the top 5 places I hope to visit soon (or at least in my lifetime):

1)  Japan
Not just Tokyo, but all of Japan. I’m fascinated by the culture, the history and the lifestyle. Plus I’m a big anime fan and Asian pop fan too. I want to see the city and the country. I’d love to go during the annual Cherry Blossom festival. Once we buy a house, this is going to be our first big international trip before kids.


2)  Sweden/Norway
Seeing the Aurora Borealis is on both of our bucket lists. It’s one of those things where you see pictures of it all over the place, can’t get over that it’s not photoshopped, and still in the back of your mind think it’s photoshopped. But you know it’s real, and you want to see it. And Scandanavia is one of the best places to see it. Also want to visit Stockholm, Sweden and enjoy the city life!


3)  Ireland/Great Britain
If you know me, then you know I’m a big Harry Potter fan (and I think big is an understatement). What better place to visit than Great Britain! This trip has got a lot of bucket list to-dos: castles, London, country sides, and more. We could even visit places where HP was shot for the movies. I would definitely ride the double decker bus before I left too.


4)  New York City
I’ve been to New York a handful of times, but never NYC. Crazy, right?! I’d love to visit the city that never sleeps, go to a live NY Broadway, and of course, visit Time Square. Hoping to take this trip next year, since we have family there, so maybe I’ll get to cross this one off soon!


5)  Yellowstone Park
There is no other place like Yellowstone – it’s just so unique. This is a place that Brad really wants to go to, and experience within his lifetime. It’s pretty cool (and a bit scary) that the park is a result of a massive super volcano underneath, and could still potentially abrupt in the future too. The geysers are super cool, and the scenery is amazing. Plus tons of wildlife, which would mean many awesome photos.


So, who’s ready to travel?!

*None of these images are mine, and are used only in this blog post.

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