Arizona | June Desert Vacation

I never skip out on the chance to spend some time out West. In June, Brad and I were Arizona-bound. I’d been there a couple of times for work, and it was Brad’s first time. We stopped to check out the Hoover Dam before making our way out to the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon was spectacular. It was one of those things that even standing there looking at it, it was difficult to fathom what it was and looked like. It almost looked like a painting – my eyes could hardly made out the depth and scale of the canyon. Although we didn’t get to spend a ton of time there, we did walk the South Rim quite a bit. Had we spent more time there, I imagine we would have hiked down into the Grand Canyon, since it’s a multi-day hike.

As the sun was setting we headed out and toward Sedona. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. But first the drive: it felt a little out of this world. You are out in the desert – no cities, no lights. Desert – meaning you have full view of the night sky. The whole car ride, my face was glued to the car window staring at the stars. You could just see everything so clearly. At one point, there is just nonstop descent on the highway – like 6% – for miles and miles and miles. That is REALLY steep. It just felt like we were driving down the side of a mountain, with no breaks, in the middle of the night, with very few cars around us. It was a little spooky and unsettling, but once we made it out, my stomach was able to relax a little bit more.

Sedona: gorgeous. The views, the canyons, the vortex rocks, the people, the vibe. I could have easily spent 3 more days here. During our trip we hiked up Cathedral Rock and visited the cute downtown area. Cathedral Rock was definitely a hike. At times, we were on all fours, or squeezing through tight spaces. Most people could get up to a certain point, but beyond that point, I could see this hike becoming very dangerous if you are prepped, equipped, and suited up correctly. Also we were hiking during the day in June – and for reference, we collectively brought about 175 ounces of water, after each downing a couple bottles of water before the hike, and I was still a little thirsty as we were approaching our car after the hike.

After our short trip to Sedona, we made our way to Phoenix, where we spent a couple days at the pool, trying out new restaurants, visiting the Botanical Garden and National Musical Instrument Museum, and dominating escape rooms. I have grown very fond of the Phoenix / Arizona area, and can’t wait to go back. Here are some photo highlights from our trip.


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