New Orleans | Holiday Vacation

The “Big Easy”… New Orleans, LA. We’d been there once before as a porting city for a cruise years ago, and fortunately got a taste of the city overnight before we embarked. As we approached the holidays this year, we wanted to take a short winter vacation while things were quiet, and decided to take a trip BACK to New Orleans, and experience it all for much longer.

New Orleans is such a pretty place to go during the holidays! The weather was perfect, the decorations were up, and honestly it wasn’t overly crowded. We spent a few days, walking around, eating lots of (excellent) cuisine, and more.

Some highlight of our vacation activities:

  1. National World War II Museum – highly recommend for museum go-ers!
  2. Cemetery Tour
  3. Walking around French Quarter
  4. Listening to street performers and musicians
  5. Getting your Tarot Card reading on the square
  6. Escape Room – we escaped 2 out of 2!
  7. Christmas in New Orleans

Things we know for next time:

  1. Visit the Jazz Quarter for more jazz clubs
  2. Don’t be sick and have to be drugged up on DayQuil
  3. Do a river tour/dinner


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