May 2018 | Beauteque Monthly

I was always the kid who saw the grab bags and HAD to have one – whether it was a $1 grab bag or a $10 grab bag, the element was surprise had me so interested in what was inside. I like to call the subscription boxes the “modern grab bag” – much more exciting, and a little more expensive (ha!).

I read about the Beauteque Monthly box, and thought I’d give it a go. I love Korean beauty products (and when I say “I”, I mean my skin), and wanted to check out this beauty box filled with products straight from South Korea. I’ve tried other beauty boxes before, including the Sephora monthly play, but felt like the samples were too small or from a leftover stash, or I kept getting sent products that I’d never use… I mean, how many red lipsticks can this girl wear?! Fire engine red lipstick is NOT my color.

Back to Beauteque Monthly – I was not disappointed! Rather, I was greeted with a box on my porch, and when I opened up, a cute sticker that read “Be your best self”. One thing I liked about this box’s content was that I felt like I was getting great value – it included a few full size products and a few sample size products, and even the sample size, I felt like I could use for more than a day. So for this month’s box, I got:

  • A full-size bottle of Farm Stay Green Tea Seed Moisture Emulsion – I used the moisturizer this morning during my daily routine, and loved the lightness of the cream. It felt very soft, had a subtle neutral smell, and felt like it soaked in immediately.
  • a’pieu Honey & Milk Lip Oil – I felt in love with this immediately after taking photos. I love honey anyways, so this was the first thing I opened up. The oil is so creamy and soft, and melts on your lips. My lips feel super moisturized for hours after putting this on. Not sticky at all likes you would think it could be. Really nice smell too! Definitely will purchase this once I use it up.
  • Medi Flower – Green Tea Sleeping Pack – haven’t given this a try yet, but am excited to!
  • Candy o’Lady Blue Lemonade Mist – the packaging is super cute!
  • a’pieu – Vitamin Tok Powder – another item I haven’t yet tried in my routine, but excited to.
  • Oil Blot Sheets – the packaging is small, easy to fit in a purse, and works perfectly!


Can’t wait to get next month’s – but overall, loving this box’s quality. Stay tuned for June~

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