Project 365: Reflections, Week 1

I’m so excited to launch a personal project for 2019 – the daily photo challenge, also known as #project365. Each week, my photography partner and I choose a new theme, and each day we must take a photo within that theme. It’s a very hard challenge – but I love it for a few reasons. 1) It stretches you creatively. You don’t necessarily see new and interesting things or places each day, so you have to figure out how to capture the ordinary sometimes in new and creative ways. 2) It forces you to be observant to what’s around you. I literally now carry my camera everywhere. I keep my eyes open, and my brain thinking. It’s really cool the things you notice when you pay attention. 3) It lets me try new ideas, techniques, and editing styles – and ultimately I can apply these in my photography, design and marketing roles.

So to kick off the year, here’s week 1 (short week) with the theme REFLECTIONS.


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