Layover Entertainment | Shows to binge while you’re waiting

Between movies and series, I will always choose series. I’ve always preferred extended storylines, in smaller bits, with gradual character development and storytelling. While I like movies, I would much prefer to watch a couple episodes of a series, than sit down for a 2.5 hour movie any day. Funny enough – as a girl who loves TV series, I actually don’t pay for cable! Instead, I’m an avid user of Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Viki, HBO Go and YouTube TV. I’d say my favorite genres are often supernatural/fantasy series, dramas (such as crime or suspense), romantic comedies, and anime.

I find that when I’m traveling, I catch up on old series and start some new ones too. One of my favorite features of Netflix is the download capability. When there’s a show I want to watch on Netflix, I get pumped that I can save locally and watch with zero Wifi access! But today, I feel most airports and hotels (in my experience) have wifi available, at least in my experience – so even if you can’t download your episodes, streaming is still an option!  Ready to fill that extended layover or those long in-flight hours with something new? Here are my current top 5 show favorites that are available for streaming…

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Packing Light | Mastering the Carry-On Challenge

Long lines. Extra fees. Baggage claim. Skip that – I’m an avid fan of the carry-on bag. But one thing that can be challenging – getting ALL of your stuff into that one small roller bag. I know, you never know the occasion, or you’ve been looking for a place to wear those cute new shoes (and vacation dinner seems like the perfect time).

Let me tell you: travel light! Less weight to lug around, less decisions you have to make, and less stress when you’re trying to fit all those souvenirs into your already stuffed bag! My tips to succeeding at the carry-on challenge: 1) pack only what you need; 2) think layers and recycling; 3) be reasonable and realistic.

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