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Welcome to my lifestyle + travel blog – I’m Christine, a mom, photographer and creative based in Atlanta. I’m passionate about capturing moments, discovering new places, designing spaces, and finding efficiencies in the everyday.

In my mind, each day has a new discovery, a new lesson learned. With the digital world – we’re more connected than ever before with people from all over the world – to share with, learn from and inspire one another. My goal for my blog is to do just that. I’ll share things that I learn, experiences that I have (both the good and bad), and my perspectives – and in turn, I want to hear yours.

Here you’ll find my thoughts on the journey of motherhood, recreating new spaces in our home and traveling to places around the world (and trying to stay budget friendly too!).

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About Me

Hi, I’m Christine. My whole life I’ve been a part of the arts world – from photography and design to decor and production. My husband and I married in 2015 and bought our first house the same year – I was so excited to have a space of my own to decorate! We spent a lot of time traveling as well as a lot of time at home working on renovations, decorating and gardening. We just welcomed our first baby in 2020, and am so excited to navigate the world of parenthood now too. When I’m not working, I love playing video games, watching TV series and immersing myself into fashion! Read more

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