Iceland Excursion | 48 Hour Trip

Iceland, a Nordic island nation, with unique landscapes and gorgeous views. As part of our Norway adventure in late May, we decided to add on a little side excursion to Iceland, since it seemed it would be a layover anyways… and totally worth it. During our two days (and two days within the almost-Midnight Sun period too), we got to explore so much of Iceland, although there’s so much more to see. This will definitely be a place to come back someday.

Here are my favorite 4 places we visited, observations from the trip, and a gallery of images from our excursions at the very end:

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New Orleans | Holiday Vacation

The “Big Easy”… New Orleans, LA. We’d been there once before as a porting city for a cruise years ago, and fortunately got a taste of the city overnight before we embarked. As we approached the holidays this year, we wanted to take a short winter vacation while things were quiet, and decided to take a trip BACK to New Orleans, and experience it all for much longer.

New Orleans is such a pretty place to go during the holidays! The weather was perfect, the decorations were up, and honestly it wasn’t overly crowded. We spent a few days, walking around, eating lots of (excellent) cuisine, and more.

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Arizona | June Desert Vacation

I never skip out on the chance to spend some time out West. In June, Brad and I were Arizona-bound. I’d been there a couple of times for work, and it was Brad’s first time. We stopped to check out the Hoover Dam before making our way out to the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon was spectacular. It was one of those things that even standing there looking at it, it was difficult to fathom what it was and looked like. It almost looked like a painting – my eyes could hardly made out the depth and scale of the canyon. Although we didn’t get to spend a ton of time there, we did walk the South Rim quite a bit. Had we spent more time there, I imagine we would have hiked down into the Grand Canyon, since it’s a multi-day hike.

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Universal Orlando | Diagon Alley

I’m super pumped about this upcoming week. After spending this week traveling for work, and with all-day off-site meetings next Mon-Wed, I’m looking forward to having Thurs / Fri off for a fun trip to… Universal Studios. Brad, my parents and I are headed to Orlando for a 3-day excursion to one of my favorite places.

I’m particularly excited about this trip since it’s been over a year since we’ve been to the new section of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. While I’ve visited the Hogsmeade section during about 4 trips now, my mum and I have only visited Diagon Alley once, and that was opening week when it was incredibly busy.

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Oregon | Honeymoon Vacation

As of June 6, 2015, I have officially become Mrs. Christine Shaver Quarté. Having been an “official wife” for a little over 3 weeks, I can say that nothing has changed!

Immediately following the wedding, we hopped on our Delta flight, headed northwest, to explore the beautiful state of Oregon. It was an adventurous 2-week trip – we got to see many different environments including gorgeous waterfalls, national parks, rivers, the Pacific Ocean, the city of Portland, Crater Lake, Mount Hood, historic volcano caves, Redwood Forests, and the countryside – playing the part of outdoors adventurer and Portland local, which was really fun.

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