Nursery Tour // Modern + Natural

“What’s the theme?” Honestly, I never know how to answer this – it usually just ends up being me rambling different descriptors: modern & natural, neutral with pops of color, Scandi-inspired, soft, fresh. It all started with the changing table dresser I picked up from Craigslist years ago (and painted navy) and the Crate & Kids origami mobile that I ordered right when I got a positive pregnancy test – and then the design took off from there.

My goal with the nursery was to make a bright and fresh feeling space, that had elements of fun and pops with colors and textures. To feel modern, but with a touch of eclectic vibes. To have purposeful storage that looked like part of the design. Afterall, not only would baby be spending a ton of time in here, but so would we. So here’s the tour – with links!


This was one of the easiest and hardest areas to decorate. I fell in love with the Babyletto crib as well as the geometric mobile when I first saw them. It worked out 100% when I found a rug that matched the colors PERFECTLY from the mobile too, as though it was made for each other. The toughest part though was figuring out what to hang over the crib. Another piece of art felt too cluttered and as much as I love macramé hangings, it didn’t feel right either. I needed textured, but something subtle and interesting. Voilà, cue the mirror set.


For this area, I needed some extra storage, but a piece that didn’t feel too heavy or take up a ton of floor space. Originally I was seeking a white chest of drawers to keep the space bright, but then stumbled upon this natural “armoire” from IKEA, and knew this would feel light yet provide the storage space I needed. I filled it with baskets and bookends for toys, memory items and books, and the tiered-basket to hold accessories and burp cloths.


This is the area that I hang out the most – my lovely glider! I was obsessed with seeing inspiration photos of books displayed essentially as wall art. So I filled my own shelves with a combination of children’s classics and modern stories (I’ll do another post soon on my favorite modern kids books!) Then filling the toy cubbies with dolls and contemporary toys, this corner became quite the activity zone.


This section of your nursery needs to be the most efficient one. I knew I needed things to be within reach, easy to find but still wanted it to be visually appealing. I made sure I had plenty of storage points for various items – including a changing caddy on top of the table, so I didn’t have to fish in the drawers while baby is squirming atop.

Thanks for visiting!

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